Friday, 23 January 2009

Tales of Mouse and Man

I began 2009 with a view to writing a new blog every two or three days. Sadly real life seldom permits such things. Though with this being my 7th entry of the year I'm not doing too badly... my previous attempt at blogging on was somewhat of a failure, notching up about two posts in a year. Fear not, I shall endeavor to maintain this blog with a little more vigour... even if it's informing you what I had for luncheon that day.

Today I just want to share my latest website with you. It's technically an ongoing work in progress (a bit like myself) so if you have the time and/or inclination it would be great if you could check back every week or so, as I'm constantly updating/improving my sites, even if it's a minor tweak here and there.

Here we have - which pretty much speaks for itself...

And here we have sister site,

Finally, we have which you can visit by clicking on my face to the top right of this page.

Not content with my three sites, I'm also working on a vast number of wedding websites for and have a fourth personal site in the pipeline.

So you'll have to forgive me if you happen to find tumbleweed passing through - but you'll know where to find me if my blog's a little quiet. I have a habit of being quiet. As quiet as a mouse...

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